Farid Ismail


Open Letter to Mrs. Merkel Regarding Sisi’s Forthcoming Visit

 H.E The Chancellor of The Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs Merkel, On behalf of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC), I am writing to you today to ask you to support

Rights Group: Execution of Arab Sharkas Unjustified Murder

A joint statement from the NGO 'Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms' and a solidarity group, together with a defense representative for 'Arab Sharkas' case detainees.

Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Denounces Junta Court Sentencing Elected President to Death

Egypt's pro-democracy nationwide coalition slams military junta judiciary's absurd and legally flawed death sentence against the country's legitimate President Morsi and scores of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in a most farcical

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Death Sentences

The judiciary in Egypt has become a cheap tool driven by the repressive military junta and the illegitimate coup regime in desperate attempts to break the will of the Egyptian

Pro-Democracy Egypt Alliance Mourns FJP Parliamentarian Farid Ismail’s Death in Junta Prison

The broad-based anti-coup coalition in Egypt accuses military junta authorities of murdering Muslim Brotherhood leader Farid Ismail in prison by deliberately ignoring his essential medical needs.

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns MP Farid Ismail Death in Detention

A press release from Mohamed Montaser, Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, regarding the death of Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentarian Dr. Farid Ismail after junta authorities refused him essential medical tests and treatment

Egyptian Parliament Statement Regarding Lawmaker Farid Ismail’s Death in Harsh Junta Prison

The Egyptian Parliament in exile places full responsibility for the murder of lawmaker Dr Farid Ismail in detention on the ruling military junta and its illegitimate regime.

In a Coma, Former Parliamentarian Farid Ismail Faces Slow Death in Tough Junta Prison

Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentarian Dr. Farid Ismail suffers a stroke inside the military junta's notorious Aqrab (Scorpion) Prison, but coup authorities refuse him urgently needed tests and treatment.

FJP’s Farid Ismail Arrested; Murad Ali Mistreated in Prison

While Egypt’s military putschists and their figurehead government assure commitment to establishing the rule of law, they wield the scepter of tyranny and repression, rather than the sword of justice,

FJP: Egyptian Opposition Flouts Principles of Democracy; Mobilizes for Violence

FJP leading member, Ismail, condemns the opposition’s evident determination to stir trouble, threaten stability and cause panic, destruction and mayhem.