Fathi Sorour


Katatni: Our Priorities Are Social Justice, Retribution for Martyrs and Fulfilling Goals of the Revolution

The new Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) convenes its first session on January 23, 2012 - two days before January 25, amid busy preparation work in full swing to get the

Judge orders freeze on senior ex-officials assets

As investigations continue of former senior officials Egypt's army rulers froze assets belonging to three former henchmen of the deposed Mubarak.

Protestors demand trial of Mubarak and officials on Friday’s Save the Revolution

The call for a second million man march was heard by Egyptians who returned in their thousands to the scene of the January 25 Revolution Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Prosecutor: 15 NDP Figures Involved in Bloody Wednesday

Investigations conducted by the High State Security Prosecutor with Abdel Nasser El Gabry, former NDP member, on charges of planning and financing attacks on protesters on February 2nd, prove Hussein

Prosecutor calls for investigation of former senior gov’t officials

Central Auditing Agency Chairman, Gawdat El-Malt has asserted that he received documented complaints from the general prosecutor, Abdul Magid Mahmoud.

Three more former ministers to be quizzed for crimes

Following growing public demand for officials to be punished Egypt's public prosecutor will investigate claims made against three additional senior former politicians.

MP Issues Statement Rejecting Foreign Intervention in Egypt’s Affairs

MP member Ahmed Heta issued an urgent statement to PA Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour stressing the parliament’s distaste with the US congress’ attempts to impose on Egypt’s affairs referring to

Egyptian man sets himself ablaze in front of parliamentary building

Egypt witnessed an Egyptian man setting himself on fire outside the country's parliament, in an apparent protest imitating the self-immolation of the unemployed Tunisian who triggered the popular uprising and

PA Speaker: A Unified Law for Houses of Worship and Coptic Quota a Fabricated Lie

Dr. Fathi Sorour, Speaker of the People's Assembly and a leading National Democratic Party (NDP) figure, denied that parliament had received a bill on a unified law for building places

Dr Morsy: Security Services Engaged in Systematic Violence against MB Candidates

Dr Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesperson and executive bureau member, has stressed that the Brothers want to hold free and fair elections. The MB is keen to respect