Fathy Sorour


MB MP’s appeal to discuss police brutality rejected

The People's Assembly rejected hearing request by Muslim Brotherhood MP Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim to discuss the murder of Khaled Saeed, victim of alleged police brutality

MB calls on Arab rulers to unite and condemn Israel’s attacks

In an interview on the Jazeera Live TV channel the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Dr. Mohamed Morsy claimed that the movement relied on the Arab and Islamic peoples to alleviate

Parliament neglects addressing Lawyers demands

A request submitted by MP Alaa Abdul Monem failed to receive any immediate response by Parliamentary Speaker, Fathy Sorour.

Opposition calls for higher raises for govt employees

The recent decision to increase the wages of government to 10% has been met with disappointment by opposition.

International Press condemn Egypt’s attacks against protestors

Today’s international press condemned the Egyptian police attacks against Egyptian protestors who intended to submit complaints for the Egyptian people, to Parliament assembly speaker Dr. Fathy Sorour.

Clashes between MB and NDP over State’s budget

A recent Parliament session this week witnessed fierce verbal fights between representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the National Democratic Party (NDP) over the state’s budget.