UK Rights Organization Denounces Murder of 4 Coup Opponents in 3 Days by Coup Regime

The cold-blooded murders of four Egyptian citizens in the last three days brings the number of Egyptians deliberately killed after arrest to 53 citizens since the coup (July 3, 2013)

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Fayoum Condemns Extrajudicial Killing of Anti-Coup Doctor

Coup security forces in Fayoum Governorate execute Mohamed Mahmoud Awad, a physician, Saturday, claiming he tried to escape arrest on charges of preparing to demonstrate on January 25, 2016.

Pro-Legitimacy Alliance in Fayoum Message to Brutally Repressive Regime: Retribution Inevitable

Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition mourns the death of yet another innocent citizen killed by junta police officers in a police station, and vows to exact retribution from the cold-blooded murderers.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance in Fayoum: Killing Preachers a Most Horrid Crime

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Fayoum issues a statement accusing the illegitimate junta's Interior Ministry of the extrajudicial killing of 5 preachers and teachers of the Holy Quran.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Cairo Bombing, Criticizes Junta Over Military Plane Crash

As more Egyptian soldiers and officers are killed in freak accidents and incidents, the FJP (the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing) condemns junta negligence and meddling in politics.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance in Fayoum: Interior Ministry’s Dirty Tactics Fool No-One

The National Alliance's Fayoum office rejects the putschists' blatant lies and attempts to lay blame on the anti-coup coalition.

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls for Rallies Denouncing Security Treachery Deaths in Fayoum

The National Alliance's Fayoum office responds to coup security forces' murderous act of terror Friday with calls to more non-violent marches.

Egypt National Alliance: Heinous Security Forces Bomb Kills Three in Fayoum

The National Alliance's Fayoum office holds coup security forces directly responsible for a bomb that killed three pro-revolution citizens at their home.

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

Egypt’s student unions hold pro-democracy, anti-coup conference and vow to use all prudent endeavors to expose the repression and crimes of coup masters and collaborators against students.

Martyrs and Wounded Fall as Thugs Ambush Pro-Morsi Mass Rallies in Egypt Provinces

Hundreds of citizens, peacefully protesting old regime and opposition violence across Egypt, are repeatedly attacked, injured and killed by hired thugs.