Female Candidates


FJP Female MPs Optimistic Despite Low Representation of Women in Parliament

Freedom and Justice Party's newly elected female MP Aza Al-Garf, stressed that in regards to the number of female candidates in parliament it comes down to the people's expressed will

MB Will Field New Faces in the Upcoming Elections

Saad El-Husseini of the MB’s Executive Bureau stated that a change in the candidates running for the upcoming parliamentary elections is 50% more than the last elections.

Sisters aspire to equality within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

The first time Asmaa Shehata managed to free herself from conservative family rules and a mother-imposed curfew was when she slept on the street for three nights among hundreds of

Rally Organized by Women Dressed in Black Lost in Women’s Quota

Eight female losing candidates in the first round of voting for the women's quota marched up Luxor's streets dressed in black to protest .

Nazra for Feminist Studies: Egypt’s NDP Foils Women’s Quota and Captures Seats as a Result

Nazra for Feminist Studies, member in the Independent Coalition for Election Observation, released a special statement about women on Election Day to choose a Member of Parliament.

EGYPT: Women breaking culture barriers in upcoming parliamentary elections

An unprecedented number of female candidates is running for parliamentary elections later this month following the passage of a new law that guarantees a certain percentage of seats to women.

NDP Hands in Nomination List Just Before Deadline

The ruling National Democratic Party submitted its candidate list for November's parliamentary elections just before the expiry of the application deadline in an effort to conceal its contents until the

Increased number of women participation in polls

The Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, issued a report titled “Egyptian women between the anvil of political parties and the hammer of the quota,” which revealed an increased number of

Candle Light Conference by MB Candidate in Assuit as Security Services Cut Off Power in

Security services in Assuit cut off power in the street where the headquarters of the MB candidate, Mahmoud Helmy, is located to prevent the women’s conference from being held. The

Campaigning made interesting by NDP candidates

An article in Egypt’s state run Al Gomhoreya newspaper asserts that for the first time since 1886 November’s elections will ensure 64 women are represented in Egypt’s People’s Assembly.