FJP Candidates


Dr. Zaghloul Reveals Scientific Research System Needs Complete Overhaul

Dr. Susan Zaghloul, the first woman to win a parliamentary ‘Individuals’ seat underlines need for women's representation in the Constituent Assembly of the Egyptian Constitution.

FJP Press Release # 15 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results

Sweeping victory announced for Freedom and Justice party candidates (party lists and ‘individual’ seats) in the Shura Council elections.

FJP Press Release # 12 – Shura Elections, Phase II

Shura Council (original Arabic literally means: Consultative Assembly) is Egyptian Parliament’s Upper House which plays a decisive role in selecting members of the Constituent Assembly of the new Constitution.

MPs El-Prince, Al-Sha’er Receive Death Threats for “Deposed” Tora Transfer Report

Dr. Hassan El-Prince, MP for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Deputy of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Health Committee, confirmed that both he and Dr. Akram Al-Sha’er, head

FJP Press Release # 11 Count Results

Judicial committees overseeing the first round of the second phase of the Egyptian parliamentary consultative chamber the ‘Shura Council’ elections 2012 have announced the results of vote counts with candidates

First Stage of Shura Council Elections to Kick off Sunday with 87 FJP Candidates

The first stage of polling for the Shura Council, the Upper House of the Egyptian Parliament, is scheduled to begin Sunday January 29. The elections will kick off in13 governorates

FJP Approves Nominations for Parliamentary Committees Chairmanships

Mr. Hussein Mohamed Ibrahim, the newly appointed head of the Freedom and Justice Party's parliamentary bloc, stated that the bloc approved nominations for the various committees in parliament which have

FJP MPs Draw up Features of National Economy Rejuvenation

Freedom and Justice Party MPs reaffirmed that the party’s priorities, with respect to the economy, is the elimination of financial corruption, providing job opportunities for the unemployed, economic development, solving

FJP Press Release # 46, Round Three Elections Results

Polling stations in the third phase run-off have announced victory for 19 out of 27 Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidates who contested this round of the elections.

FJP Press Release Number 45, Legislative Elections 2011-2012 (Phase III)

The first day of the run-off for the third phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections has come to a close. This round has so far witnessed a moderate turnout