FJP Chairman


FJP Chairman Katatni: Sinai Deserves Better Life

Freedom and Justice Party chief says those boycotting political dialogue should review their positions and discourses; and recommends more comprehensive development of the Sinai Peninsula.

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Determined to Increase Cooperation with China

FJP head Katatni and Chinese Ambassador Song Aiguo discuss ways to boost bilateral relations as well as economic and industrial cooperation.

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Has Prepared Ambitious, Workable Electoral Platform

FJP chief Katatni announces a powerful and practical program for action, for a strong and efficient government, should the FJP win a parliamentary majority in forthcoming elections.

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Has Won Confidence of Egyptians in Four Major Elections

The Freedom and Justice Party is seeking a majority in the next parliament in Egypt, to be called the House of Representatives, having gained the people’s trust in the four

Freedom and Justice Party General Conference to Convene Special Session to Choose New Chairman

Contrary to recent media reports, Dr. Erian affirms that the FJP is yet to convene an Executive Office meeting to select a replacement for Dr. Mohamed Morsi as Chairman of

FJP Chairman Morsi Sends Congratulations Message to France’s New President

Egypt’s presidential contender Morsi congratulates France’s newly-elected leader on historic win for socialists, first in over two decades, ousting incumbent Sarkozy, the first French president not to win re-elections in

Morsi’s Presidential Campaign Kicks Off

Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s newest contender for the country’s top job in the forthcoming presidential elections, launches his campaign with big promises of real rejuvenation of the homeland, with the full

Ashri: Once Again Al-Shater is Barred From Exercising His Political Rights

Adopting the approach and practices of Egypt’s repressive, defunct regime, the elections committee has absurdly insisted on its earlier ruling to disqualify Al-Shater, leaving the FJP’s Dr. Morsi to complete

Dr. Morsi: We Respect Court Decisions, Seek Real Consensus on Constitution

The FJP head, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, believes writing Egypt’s new Constitution can help build trust between the country’s political players and stakeholders.

Freedom and Justice Party Supports Role of NGOs as Essential to Democratic Process

(20 February 2012- Cairo) The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) today re-iterated its support for the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in supporting the democratic process, especially in nascent democracies.