Former Regime


Itehadia Presidential Palace Testimonies and Facts

On November 4, 2013, the coup-appointed government will "try" kidnapped President Morsi and his aides in criminal court on charges of conspiracy to kill protesters outside the Ittehadia Palace on

FJP: Egyptian Opposition Flouts Principles of Democracy; Mobilizes for Violence

FJP leading member, Ismail, condemns the opposition’s evident determination to stir trouble, threaten stability and cause panic, destruction and mayhem.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mahmoud Hussein: Opposition Does Not Believe in Democracy

Translation of Excerpts from the Muslim Brotherhood’s interview with the Egyptian newspaper ‘Akhbar Al-Youm’ on Saturday.

Minister of Culture: Scaremongering Rumor Campaign Totally Unfounded

Egypt’s new Minister of Culture calls on media professionals to commit to honesty and objectivity standards and to refrain from circulating rumors to scare and confuse public opinion.

Beltagy: Former Regime Seeks to Perpetuate Violence; Dialogue and Consensus Essential

Muslim Brotherhood and FJP leading member Beltagy calls for more serious efforts to close ranks behind Egypt’s elected government in order to avoid more strife and bloodshed.

Egypt Minister of Culture Press Statement: Important Messages on Future of Art, Innovation

Egypt’s new Minister of Culture vows to fully support art and culture despite desperate efforts by corrupt officials and reactionary forces to throw all kinds of obstacles in the way

FJP’s Farid Abdel-Halim: Betting on Former Regime Replication Delusional

Ousted Mubarak, cronies and friends have done their worst, right from the moment the old repressive regime was toppled. They will surely continue to fail.

Rights Group: Naguib Sawiris Hunts Down Media Professionals, Violates Freedom of Opinion

Whereas every move by any Islamist to deter media workers who persistently circulate utter lies is strongly condemned by ‘private’ media, no-one is voicing any objections as Sawiris does worse.

FJP, Brotherhood to Join Friday Million-Man Marches to Demand Judiciary Independence and Reform

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing decide to join mass marches and demonstrations across Egypt on Friday, April 19 to demand completion of the revolution and its goals.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt National and Religious Institutions Will Reject Anti-Revolution Tactics

Misguided opposition, old-regime hangovers and friends resort to the most devious, and futile, antics to derail the revolution, topple the elected government and grab power by any means possible.