Press Statement: Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Terrorist Incidents in France

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the terrorist incidents that took place on French territory on the evening of Friday, November 13, 2015, as a violation of the teachings of all divine

Egypt Receives Extensive Export Orders for ‘Egyptian iPad’; Manufactures First Car Soon

With production of the first Egyptian ‘iPad-like’ tablet PC just started, order lists are filling up fast, while the country prepares for manufacturing its first car in years.

Freedom and Justice Party Official Statement on Increase in Foreign Tourism

In addition to the detailed and thoroughly researched Nahda (renaissance) Project, the FJP devises a plan to attract 25 million tourists a year, considering that tourism is one of the

FJP Chairman Morsi Sends Congratulations Message to France’s New President

Egypt’s presidential contender Morsi congratulates France’s newly-elected leader on historic win for socialists, first in over two decades, ousting incumbent Sarkozy, the first French president not to win re-elections in

Egyptian Community in France Holds Morsi Support Conference

Egyptian communities abroad organize various rallies, conferences and other events in support of Brotherhood candidate Dr. Morsi’s presidential bid for Egypt’s top post.

France – A New Ally for the Middle East ?

France has recently opened the door for dialog with any Muslim movement beyond its shores that renounces violence.

MB welcomes dialogue with the West without preconditions

The Muslim Brotherhood is open to talking with Western governments, without preconditions, especially after French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe asserted his country's readiness for an open dialogue with Islamist movements

French FM meets with MB and other representatives

During a press conference French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe described separate meetings as fruitful.

Egypt’s military calls on US and EU to freeze assets of ousted Mubarak’s aides

Following the historical toppling of Egypt’s ruling regime, the Egyptian military led government has called upon the US and EU to freeze the assets of top former leaders under the

MB’s Opinion in a Newsletter: Serious Incidents Surrounding Egypt and the Arab World

Arab countries, particularly Egypt, are witnessing tension and serious incidents which threaten to shake the unity of the people, and specifically in Egypt.