Free Elections


Government Sources Say Egypt to Stage Limited Cabinet Reshuffle

A limited change to Egypt's interim government to be carried out soon will include three or four ministers, a source from the government of Dr. Essam Sharaf said.

Tensions Rise between Judges and the HEC

A request has been submitted by Mohamed Mikki of the Supreme Judges Council calling on the High Elections Commission to prepare a report on judicial monitors during Egypt’s recent parliamentary

Al-Arian: Brotherhood will Continue on its Way toward Free Elections Despite Government Repression

Dr Essam Al-Arian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, has stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is facing an unprecedented police crackdown that appears certain to weaken the political

Skepticism looms as US Senate pushes for free elections in Egypt

Many analysts remain skeptical of a Senate draft resolution currently in the works to urge Egyptian government "to take all steps necessary to ensure that upcoming elections are free, fair,

MB supporters arrested at dawn

Security forces in Giza arrested 7 MB members who were hanging posters in support of Shura candidate Azab Mustafa early dawn

Experts: ending the state of emergency in Egypt is inevitable

Jurists and politicians unanimously agreed on the need for drastic changes in Egypt 's legislation. They all condoned the significance of the abolition of the state of emergency to ensure

Egypt’s Third Alternative

Mubarak played into American fear by arguing that any free elections in Arab countries are likely to result in anti-Western regimes.