Free Gaza


Free Gaza Mission Vows Escalation of Struggle Against Israel

We Americans are all Palestinians. From the two small boats that landed on August 23, 2008, we grew to six ships in the last flotilla that saw nine of our

Bad journalism at best

On August 19, the Israeli consulate in New York tweeted: #BBC "Panorama" presents arguably the most complete & thorough account of the #Flotilla.

Israel?s ?friends? still shamelessly swinging from chandeliers at Westminster

We must not forget what Hamas, which controls Gaza, stands for: it is intent on violence, smuggles arms, colludes with other rogue states and thumbs its nose at the international

You?re talking bollox, Mr Regev

Israel already allows sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza so the flotilla was “an armada of hate and violence", said Israel’s deputy foreign minister.

Aid ships sailing to Gaza and will not be deterred

Sources have reported that The Irish cargo ship "Rachel Corrie" is still sailing toward Gaza and is expected to arrive off the coast of the occupied territory sometime this weekend

The Hypocrisy Of Netanyahu

The defiant speech on Wednesday of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu defending the Israeli boarding of an aid flotilla headed for Gaza, and his insisting that the blockade of Gaza

Israeli butchery at sea

Gilad Atzmon argues that Israel’s murder in international waters of aid workers bound for Gaza was a premeditated act of savagery and that the international community, foremost NATO and the

Criminal pirate Israel makes a fool of the OECD only days after it clasped the

Stuart Littlewood argues that the West, which has traditionally rewarded Israel for its crimes against Palestinians, most recently by admitting it as a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation

Israel uses holocaust memory to effect own holocaust against Palestinians

Writing in the Ha’aretz newspaper on Thursday, 28 January, under the title “holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda,” the noted Israeli journalist Gideon Levy accused Israel of employing