Freedom and Justice


Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Peaceful Protests Sunday, March 30th

Egypt's anti-coup nationwide coalition praises persistence of the revolutionary men and women of this homeland and calls for imposing demonstrations Sunday to commemorate (Palestine) Land Day.

FJP, Politicians Condemn Death Sentence Against 529 Coup Opponents

A pro-military court passes a mass execution sentence against anti-coup politicians in two fast sessions, so fast there was no time to even read the list of defendants being convicted.

Egypt: Upper House Will Talk to World Parliaments to Stop Violation of Democracy and Freedoms

Coup commanders having swiftly disbanded Egypt’s Shura Council (the only legislature) does not stop lawmakers from convening session in mosque.

Day of Arson, Shooting and Terror

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood had no time to celebrate its 85th anniversary or mother’s day as it fended off waves of determined thugs armed with pistols, bladed weapons, sticks and Molotov

Freedom and Justice Welcomes New ElBaradei Party

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood political wing, the FJP, welcomes ElBaradei’s just-registered secular Constitution Party, hoping it would adopt an honorable civilized political discourse and prove a worthy opposition.

Abdel-Maksoud: Prosecutors Identify Criminals Involved in Torching Brotherhood Headquarters

As dubious Mubarak-affiliated parties incite violent attacks, arson and destruction of Brotherhood headquarters across Egypt, the country’s public prosecution service is closing-in on criminals who have already responded with arson

El-Erian: Morsi Will Win Presidential Election Outright from First Round

FJP deputy chief Erian assures that their candidate for Egypt’s top job will score big in the first round of the country’s upcoming presidential contest, and that Nahda Project will

Journalists Go On Strike, Misr 25 Channel Staff Starts Sit-in

As Egyptian Military Police violates all red lines, assaulting media professionals performing their duty, reporting news from clash scenes near the Ministry of Defense building, Abbassiya, in Cairo, the national

Dr. Morsi: We Respect Court Decisions, Seek Real Consensus on Constitution

The FJP head, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, believes writing Egypt’s new Constitution can help build trust between the country’s political players and stakeholders.

Azhar Document and the Democratic Alliance Code of Honor Bases for Constitution Articles

A meeting between Egypt’s ruling Military Council and the country’s main political parties results in agreement on the basic frame of reference for the articles of the first post-revolution national