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Military Coup Regime Puts 45 Journalists, Media Professionals on Terrorist Lists

Egypt’s military coup regime has included 45 journalists and media outlets on terrorism lists since the July 3, 2013 coup. The Arab Media Freedom Monitor (AMFM) has tracked and identified

Journalists For Reform Mourns Charlie Journalists

Journalists For Reform denounces all violence against media professionals and regrets deaths of France's Charlie Hebdo journalists.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie to Egyptians: Defend Freedom of Expression

Brotherhood leader Badie slams oppression and the ferocious onslaught against freedom of speech in Egypt under military rule and the coup regime.

Rassd News Network: Brutal Killings and Arrests Will Not Stop Our Media Mission

In a press release late on Sunday, the news monitoring Network RASSD condemned killings and arbitrary arrests of journalists, including 5 of its own correspondents.

On World Press Freedom Day ‘Journalists for Reform’ Demands Rights, Professional Values

Remembering their colleagues who died or received injuries as they pursued their trade, Egypt’s JFR movement calls on all parties to uphold press and media rights and values.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Denounces U.S. State Department Comments

FJP expresses serious reservations about US State Department spokesperson Nuland’s statement Monday regarding investigations of excessive antics by so-called satirist Bassem Youssef.

Freedom and Justice Party Expresses Concerns Over Protection of Protest Rights Bill

FJP leaders hold that draft law on protection of right to peaceful protest must be debated thoroughly in the community before parliament approval is granted.

Egypt Information Minister: New Press Freedom Law to Guarantee Media Freedom of Expression

Egyptian Minister of Information Abdel-Maksoud assures new press freedom law should do more than prevent jailing of journalists doing their professional duty.

Habib: Constitution Opponents Ultimately Fear Ballot-box

Freedom and Justice Party’s former Vice-Chairman Habib points that opponents of Egypt’s new constitution know they do not have the power to persuade people and win them over, and are