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MB Media Advisor Condemns Crackdown On MB Publishing Houses

Chairman of Muslim Brotherhood Media Department Assem Shalaby has strongly condemned the government’s crackdown on publishing houses and bookshops owned by MB members ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

Habib Clarifies MB Stance Towards Saad-el-din Ibrahim Sentence

Commenting on the verdict against Saad El Din Ibrahim, MB Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said on Thursday in a statement to Ikhwanweb,

Amnesty urges Egypt to free Facebook militants

Amnesty International on Saturday urged the authorities in Egypt to free 16 Internet activists jailed for more than two weeks for "threatening national security."

Yes to Anger No to Violence

Khairat el-Shater, the Deputy Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, issued the following statement regarding the Cartoons" crisis; "Rage spread all over the Islamic world over defaming caricatures of Prophet Muhammad

Experts: Blocking Ikhwanweb Confirms Egyptian Regime Bankruptcy

The Egyptian authorities blocked " the official English language web site of the Muslim Brotherhood group" through denying web surfers access to the Web site’s Domain inside Egypt with

MB’s Habib Criticizes Rose El Yousef over Misquote

MB First Deputy Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Habib, released a statement refuting claims published by the daily Rose El Yousef, in which the paper said that the Muslim Brotherhood depicted the

Egypt: Police Attempt To Break Up Sit In Staged By Students

The list of candidates certified to run in the elections should have been announced by 3pm. As of the time of writing, it hasn’t.

Egypt: MB Statement Lashes Out At Prophet Offending Show

While the Muslim world’s anger hasn’t yet abated against the background of the Pope of Vatican’s offensive statements against Islam and its prophet, Certain sectors in Western media once again

Gov’t Prevents Citizens & Media From Attending Judges’ Trial

In a step designed to cover up the unacceptable oppressive practices of the Egyptian regime and which reveals the refusal of the regime to unleash the freedom of _expression and

MB Condemns Police Assaults on Its Parliament Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc issued a statement today condemning assaults by police on its parliament members during demonstrations yesterday in Cairo. Dr. Mohamed Al Katatni, head of the