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Islamophobia reaches its peak with protests against mosque construction

Recent protests calling to stop the construction of a large mosque on a quiet residential street in Brooklyn, other parts in the US and Europe have been faced by much

European council votes in favor of niqab

A decree has been passed by the Parliamentary Assembly of Europe's human rights warning governments of forbidding Muslim women to don the niqab in public.

Spain: Lerida Bans the Face Veil

The town council voted to prohibit the “use of the veil and other clothes and accessories which cover the face and prevent identification in buildings and installations of the town

Brentwood Muslims withdraw plans for mosque amidst Islamophobia

The Brentwood Mosque that was in the works for quite some time has been defeated, and though there were issues with zoning, the atmosphere surrounding the campaign against it was

French politicians urged to reject ban on full face veils

Amnesty International has called on French law-makers to reject a draft law banning the wearing of full face veils in public that was adopted by the government and put before

French mayor: Halal restaurant is discrimination

A French council has filed a complaint against a fast food chain that uses only halal meat in its burgers.

The anti-Muslim Nile Hotel

If a Muslim cannot be treated with equality in a “Muslim” country, then how can we expect equality anywhere else? Of course, “Muslim” entails much more that one single culture,

Stop the politicisation of Islam in Switzerland

The year 2010 has started off as a difficult one for Muslim-European relations. Switzerland’s 29 November referendum banning the construction of minarets is still producing an outcry in the country

Israeli rabbi describes Islam as “ugly”

Israel’s former top Rabbi, Shas party spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, harshly criticized Islam as a religion and described it as an “ugly” faith during a speech he delivered on