Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution Verdicts of 29 Innocent Egyptians by Military Court

The unjust military court sentences issued Monday in Alexandria and Ismailia, which condemned to death 29 innocent civilians, who had been kidnapped and subjected to forced disappearance and then had

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Letter to Obama Warns Against Sisi, Junta Terror

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council sends a letter to US President Obama reminding of Sisi regime crimes, warning they could lead to sectarian strife, violence and extremism.

Egypt’s Anti-Coup Coalition Calls Important Milestone: January 25 Revolution Protest Wave

In a statement, the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance exhorts all patriotic Egyptians to join huge anti-coup protests across the homeland.

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Scholar and Senior Leader Gomaa Ameen

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the death of its great leader Gomaa Ameen, the group's Deputy Chairman, and who died Saturday away from a homeland besieged by repression, despotism and oppression.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Hails Patriotic Egyptian People Marking Revolution Fourth Anniversary

The Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement to the revolutionary Egyptian People, assures the group will stand steadfast with the January 25 Revolution.

Egyptian Parliament Urges International Community to Stop Violation of Religious Sanctities

The Egyptian Parliament in exile strongly condemns attempts to ridicule and insult religious symbols.

Rights Group: Eight Thousand Detainees in Egypt Since Beginning of Military Coup

Prominent lawyers and legal professionals launch ‘National Committee for the Defense of Detainees’ to represent and defend political prisoners before Egypt’s courts.

Anti-Coup National Alliance Urges Escalation Towards Civil Disobedience

Egypt’s coalition of pro-democracy groups and movements steps up campaign towards civil disobedience, with a boycott of products and services from coup supporters.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Statement on Egypt Massacre

The coup authorities in Egypt have committed a massacre against peaceful protesters in Cairo squares and in other cities across Egypt killing hundreds and injuring thousands, including women and children.

Sayed Darwish Welcomes President Morsi’s Meet with Artists, Saying Art is Locomotive of Progress

This article is about the Muslim Brotherhood’s modern producer, director and writer Sayed Darwish (MB’s Art Committee official), not the famous Egyptian composer – although MB’s Darwish is honored to