Freedoms Committee


Ghozlan and Beltagy Criticize lawsuit Against Socialist Revolutionaries

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) criticized the position taken by Jamal Tajuddin, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee of the Egyptian Bar Association, who lodged

Gamal Tajuddin: Lawsuits to Cancel Elections Derail Democracy

In an interview with IkhwanWeb, Jamal Tajuddin, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee of the Egyptian Bar Association and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, described 17 lawsuits filed in court

Muslim Brotherhood Nominates 6 Candidates for Journalists Syndicate

The Muslim Brotherhood is fielding six candidates for the upcoming elections in the Journalists Syndicate, but did not decide yet whether it will compete on the Chairman position.

MB to Launch Independent Daily

October 6 has been announced as the launching date of the Muslim Brotherhood’s first independent daily newspaper after the revolution. According to journalist, Mohamed Abdul Quddos, the paper is designed

MB Leaders Realize Challenges Ahead

Realizing the reality of the situation Muslim Brotherhood leaders addressed attendees during the opening of the group's new centre.

FJP Abandons the Motto ‘Islam Is the Solution’

FJP has decided to abandon the slogan “Islam is the Solution” in favor of the new slogan “Freedom is the solution and justice is the application” in the next parliamentary

Lawyers Freedom Committee calls for separation of imprisoned senior officials

The Freedoms Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate submitted a complaint to Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmoud, in which it demanded the distribution of symbols of the former regime in different

Protest In Front of Journalist Syndicate Denounces Election Violations

A number of political powers organized a protest at the Journalists Syndicate on Wednesday entitled “Denouncing the Rigging of the Elections”.

Saturday: Symposium on “The Role of National Journalists in the Elections”

The Freedoms Committee in the Journalists’ Syndicate organized a symposium2010 Elections” to present the experiences of national journalists in covering the recent parliamentary elections.

Lawyers hold Press Conference Discussing Violations Against Candidates

The Lawyers Syndicate's Freedoms Committee will be holding a press conference Sunday noon to expose security abuses against opposition's candidates