Freedoms Committee


Lawyers will not be prevented from monitoring elections

The Sharia Committee and the Freedoms Committee at the Lawyers Syndicate has begun receiving applications from lawyers wishing to monitor the upcoming parliamentary elections under the initiative “A Lawyer for

In Solidarity with Tal Meeting on 2/10/2010, Journalists Syndicate , Cairo

Freedoms committee at the Egyptpian journalists syndicate in cooperation with The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and a group of Syrian and Egyptian activists will hold a solidarity meeting

Egypt: Intellectuals accuse Freedoms Committee of ignoring MB basic rights.

Coptic activist Gamal Asaad accused the USCIRF of being uncompassionate to human rights and religious freedoms. He used the example of the neglect of Copts in Egypt and the lack

Lawyers syndicate compile file for mock hearing against NDP leaders.

The freedoms committee in the Lawyers Syndicate initiated a mock hearing, which is still to be scheduled. A file will be brought together including archives of the corruption, scandals and

Message from Son of Detained Journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin

The following message was sent from Omar Ezzuddin, the son of journalist Ahmed Ezzuddin, who is currently jailed, and has been transferred to a military tribunal, pending the trial of some

Abdul Qoddous Equates Mubarak’s Regime With IOF

Mohamed Abdul Qoddous, the head of the Press Syndicate’s freedoms committee, said after he was released last Saturday evening that Mubarak’s regime proved that there is no difference between it