Khudari: Facts on the ground belie occupation claims that the blockade was eased

The head of the Popular Campaign Against the Siege (PCAS), MP Jamal al-Khudari said that having a list of banned commodities means that the blockade is still in place and

Buzek: Gaza power crisis should be solved

President of the European parliament Jerzy Buzek on Tuesday calls for the electricity crisis in Gaza to be solved

Blockade causes threats on Gazans lives

The assembly of health unions in the Gaza Strip warned of the serious impacts of the Israeli blockade and the power crisis on the health sector and pointed out that

EU: Funds for Gaza fuel reached PA

The European Union (EU) has denied slashing funds allocated for financing the fuel purchases necessary to operate the Gaza power station, affirming that the funds were paid to the PA

European campaign against Gaza blockade visits presidential palace in Warsaw

A delegation of the European campaign to end the siege on Gaza visited the Polish presidential palace in Warsaw and briefed the representative of president Lech Kaczynski on the results

Lebanon looking to Egypt for economic, energy deals

Egypt and Lebanon are looking at boosting economic and energy relations after Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif welcomed his Lebanese counterpart Saad Hariri to Cairo on Wednesday aimed at discussing

European commission: The PA asked EU to stop paying for fuel needs of Gaza power

European commission spokesman Shadi Othman revealed that the European union stopped paying the bill of fuel shipments used to operate Gaza power plant at the request of the Palestinian authority

Energy authority denies news reports about providing Gaza power plant with fuel

The Palestinian authority of energy and natural resources in the Gaza Strip on Thursday denied news reported saying that head of Ramallah government Salam Fayyad intervened to provide Gaza power

Union of fuel companies warns of humanitarian crisis due to gas depletion

GAZA, (PIC)-- The union of fuel companies in the Gaza Strip warned Saturday of an imminent humanitarian crisis after the depletion of cooking gas from fuel stations for the 25th