Gamal Heshmat


Gamal Heshmat: Egypt 2018 Elections a Farce; Opposition Must Unite to Expose Sham Democracy

Gamal Heshmat, Muslim Brotherhood senior leader, said: "Any unilateral participation in the upcoming presidential election in Egypt is a shameful recognition of the military coup, lending it legitimacy the junta

Heshmat: No Security, Stability with Blundering Coup Commander

Muslim Brotherhood senior leader Heshmat sums up a full year of general Al-Sisi rule as president of Egypt; and affirms that Egyptians can wrest their rights and freedoms once again

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Statement: Revolution Only Strategic Option to End Coup

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council issues a statement summing up the results of meetings with US officials and decision-makers.

Gamal Heshmat: Death Sentences Coup Decisions that End Independence of Judiciary Myth

Another mass sentences farce without due process condemns to death Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie along with 682 other Egyptians perceived as dissidents by coup authorities.

FJP’s Heshmat: Iran’s New President Must Not Support Assad Against Unarmed Syrian People

FJP leader Heshmat urges Iran’s newly elected President Rohani to stop Iranian involvement in Assad’s massacres of the Syrian people.

FJP Leader Heshmat: Desperate Attempts to Overthrow Elected President Will Fail

While FJP leader Heshmat condemns illegitimate endeavors to oust Egypt’s President, elected only months ago, he reaffirms the country’s need for strong and effective opposition.

FJP Urges Arab and International Action to Stop Assad’sMassacres in Syria

As Assad massacres burn and slaughter women and children every day, the Syrian National Coalition condemns international community silence and the FJP’s Heshmat calls for urgent effective action.

Freedom and Justice Party Demands Independent Investigations into Allegations of Rights Violations

Freedom and Justice Party leader Heshmat submits a formal request to Egypt Shura Council (upper house of parliament) demanding impartial inquiries into all cases of torture and fair punishment for

Heshmat Urges All Egyptians to Participate Positively in the Constitutional Poll

Freedom and Justice Party leader Heshmat calls on all Egyptians, at home and abroad, to turn out and cast their vote in favor of a new national charter that promises

Heshmat: Military Council Copies Mubarak; Hinders Democratic Transition

Freedom and Justice party denounces Military Council’s latest statement, a leaf taken from ousted Mubarak’s black book, and the threats it makes against the revolution and peaceful protesters.