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MB leaders Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Ossama Suleiman brought before Appeals Court unable to move and fatigued from hunger strike

Court issues release order for hunger striking MBs

The Misdemeanors Appeal Court in Damanhour accepted the submitted appeal, demanding the release of Dr. Gamal Heshmat and Eng. Osama Suleiman

Muslim Brotherhood may change bylaws

The Muslim Brotherhood may amend its bylaws in the near future, a process requiring the cooperation of the Brotherhood's different administrative bodies.

MB delays new leader announcement

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group has decided to postpone the announcement of its new general guide, or murshid, from next Thursday to next Saturday. Group members, meanwhile, provided different

Beheira: Release orders for 8 MB’s including Dr Mohamed Sweidan and Dr Gamal Heshmat.

Cairo's Criminal Court decided to issue release orders to Dr Gamal Heshmat former Muslim Brotherhood MP, Dr Mohamed Sweidan from the Movement's administrative office in Beheira and 8 others.

Egypt: Ruling party conference ends with Brotherhood attacks

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) ended its 6th annual three-day conference in Cairo on Monday, with a series of bashings at the Muslim Brotherhood. The conference, which had run

October harvests an overall increase in the number of detentions, arrests against MB.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in October witnessed the continuing aggression and injustices with more than 115 detentions.

Who’s entitled to the documents? The truth behind the influential founder and leader Imam Hassan

The family of Hassan Albanna the Muslim Brotherhood movement founder has demanded the release of documents belonging to the late Hassan Albanna.

Egypt: 2 Behira MBs Arrested

Two Muslim Brotherhood members surrendered to the Egyptian police following the continuous state security manhunt over groundless charges.

7 MB Behira Members Detained Amid Fresh Security Escalation

The state security forces arrested, on Wednesday, seven persons from the Egyptian governprate of Beheira on charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group.