Gamal Mubarak


FJP Lawyer: Mubarak Trial Verdicts Legally Absurd

Sentencing ousted president Mubarak and his interior minister Adli to life in prison, Egyptian judge acquits his sons and six of his police commanders of killing over 850 peaceful protesters

Al-Shater on Dubai TV: Revolution Youth are Renaissance Mainstay, Hope of the Nation

Egyptian presidential candidate Khairat Al-Shater affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) are endeavoring to honor the trust vested in them by the Egyptian people

Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Military Rule

Just a few months before the Egyptian Revolution, Egyptians were surprised to see hundreds of posters in the streets of Cairo calling for the election of Gamal Mubarak as president

ANHRI: Mubarak Behind Bars Lesson to All Dictators in the Region

Statement by the Arab Human Rights Network Informations (ANHRI), following the opening session of former president Mubarak's trial

Mubarak’s Trial and Errors

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is expected to go on trial tomorrow for corruption and for ordering police to shoot unarmed protesters in January. By pushing the case forward, Egypt's

Egypt’s Trial of the Century

The case of the trial of Mubarak has been the anticipated event for all Egyptians and other people from all over the world.

FJP: Mubarak’s Trial Victory for Egyptians, Step Towards Democracy

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary General Dr. Saad Katatny welcomed the trial of the toppled Mubarak and his interior minister, which began Wednesday morning.

Mubarak Accused of Accumulating Wealth in Arms Deals

According to judicial sources the ousted President Hosny Mubarak will be questioned over wealth acquired through arms deals by a military prosecutor.

Mubarak and Sons Referred to Criminal Court

As protestors demands are voiced louder, Egypt's chief prosecutor appeases the nation by referring the former President Hosni Mubarak and his sons to criminal court to be tried on charges

Ousted Mubarak to Apologize to Nation

According to sources ousted president Hosni Mubarak is to apologise to the nation and plead for amnesty.