Egypt’s Waning Power

Egyptians are struggling to make ends meet, and Egypt can no longer boast of being the foremost political, economic and cultural country in the Middle East.

Mubarak Vows to Combat Corruption and Targets 8% Growth Rate

According to Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak the country’s growth rate is to rise to 8 per cent over the next five years.

Sadat, Mubarak and Beyond

One day, Egypt will enter the post-Mubarak era, and until then uncertainty remains. The last transition of power was nearly 30 years ago and not much has changed since then:

Egypt’s 2010 Elections – Fraud, Oppression and Hope for Change

Eygpt’s 2010 parliamentary elections will go down in history as a blatant fraud and crime against democracy and the people it represents.

The Winds of Change as the Muslim Brotherhood and El-Baradei Close Ranks

The Egyptian regime can not just sneak away from the polls; their fraud is not going unnoticed and is not without consequences.

When Is Enough, Enough?

Egypt’s government, tightening its grip on power to ensure a smooth transition when Mubarak leaves the political arena, swept parliament in what observers describe as blatant fraud and a ‘test

Background Report on Egyptian Civil Society Election Monitoring in Upcoming Elections

The Egyptian government has steadfastly refused to grant international election monitors access to monitor parliamentary elections this week. Senior Egyptian officials have rebuffed repeated requests from US government officials, claiming

Egypt: Mubarak Builds Support for Son

Over at the Hudson Institute’s Hudson New York blog, Khaled Abu Toameh writes that Hosni Mubarak’s goal in attending the Middle East peace summit was to build support in the

Egypt: NDP Rivalries Emerge

Stephan Roll has a new piece on the fissures in Egypt’s ruling elite in the Carnegie Endowment’s Arab Reform Bulletin. According to Roll, the National Democratic Party’s leadership is divided

Egypt’s obvious future successor

A trip last August by the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to the US highlights what the ruler had in mind regarding the future where he assured Middle East experts in