Ganzouri Government


Muslim Brotherhood: Kandil Cabinet Should Be Given Fair Chance to Prove Worth

Egypt’s Brotherhood takes a wait-and-see position with regard to judging the newly-appointed Kandil’s Cabinet, while certain media outlets feel obliged to criticize the non-partisan configuration.

Parliament Suspends Sessions for One Week to Protest Ganzouri Government

Escalating parliamentary action to pressure SCAF to dissolve the incumbent Egyptian Cabinet, the People’s Assembly goes on a one-week strike.

Husseini: Egyptian Parliament Rejects Incumbent Government

As Egyptian MPs vote unanimously to oust interim Ganzouri Government, SCAF is urged to favor the people and dissolve the Cabinet, allowing the formation of a new broad-coalition government.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi: The President Must Be Leader of All Egyptians

In a press conference to officially announce his bid for the presidency, Dr. Morsi affirmed that the Brotherhood would not govern Egypt, if he won the country’s presidential elections: the

Al-Shater Expects SCAF to Ratify Disenfranchisement Law

Having passed a law reform to bar former Egyptian regime officials from running for head of state, Parliament now wants the Military Council to ratify the amendment.

15 Brotherhood Peaceful Protests in Alexandria Against Ganzouri Government

As Egyptian youths organize a series of increasingly sizable and vocal marches and protests, the stage is set for more action to pressure or persuade the ruling military to relinquish

Hussein Ibrahim: Freedom and Justice Party Demands Ganzouri Government Resignation

Egypt’s majority party demands formation of a stable and responsible coalition government immediately, to replace the weak transitional Ganzouri Government.

Farid Ismail: Parliament May Withdraw Confidence from Ganzouri Government

The Freedom and Justice party begins extensive talks and coordination efforts with all political stakeholders and professional experts in Egypt, in order to urgently form a national consensus government as