Gaza Siege


Gaza: UNRWA Responds “Of course the blockade is illegal, and it is not helpful. We

I interviewed Adnan Abu Hasna, United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)Media Advisor, about the desperate housing situation in the Gaza Strip, and recent protests against UNRWA’s failure for over

Haneyya: Palestinians on Threshold of Promising Future

Gaza prime minister Ismail Haneyya has said that Hamas had successfully merged between resistance of the Israeli occupation and governance and stressed that the Palestinians are on the “threshold of

Egypt Revolution Advances Hope in the Middle East

The firm stance and unified voice of the Egyptian people that brought about the successful people's revolution in January, 2011, has been applauded as an 'exhilarating moment' that has had

MB Offshoot Hamas Urges Egyptians to Postpone Gaza March

An official statement by Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal has called on the Egyptian activists to put their plans to march through the Rafah crossing into the enclosed Gaza Strip on

Israel Voices Security Concerns

According to an Israeli broadcast Israel voiced its utmost concern over the Egyptian authorities' intention to reopen the Rafah Border Crossing with the Gaza Strip in the coming few days,

Israel Concerned Over Opening of Rafah Crossing

Egypt has announced its plans to permanently open the crossing sometime in the next 10 days. Israel fears Egypt 's strengthening relationship with Hamas as Egyptian's are less inclined to

Israel – No More the Victim

Playing the beleaguered vulnerable victim in the Middle East may not work much longer for Israel , as the amount of high-tech weapons in their possession continues to increase to

MB: Quick trial to appease the people and time for Egypt to get on

Over the past few days and weeks, Egyptians have witnessed significant growth with respect to a number of contraversial issues that provoked their wrath.

Judge Richard Goldstone alters his verdict

Lawrence Davidson looks at the flawed logic and the tribal, personal and political pressures that may have led Richard Goldstone, the South African Jewish judge who authored the report of

Al Mezan calls on world to save Gaza’s children from Israeli aggression

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza has said the international community's non-interest in bringing Israel to justice has placed the Gaza Strip on the brink of disaster.