Gaza Siege


Hussein condemns building the fence between Egypt and Gaza

The MP Saad Hussein, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding the government's

Gaza Freedom March Madness: Part One

While its official day one was the 28th of December, Code Pink’s Gaza Freedom March began in Cairo to commemorate Israel’s Gaza offensive, Operation Cast Lead, and to call attention

150 Activists Strike in Front of the Cairo World Trade Center

More than 1,400 human rights activists from various civil society organizations in France, Italy and Belgium organized a protest in front of the World Trade Center in Cairo on Monday

Egypt’s “Metal Wall” Punishes Hamas

The mounting criticism of the Egyptian Government by human rights organizations continued as Egypt began to construct a metal wall along its borders with Gaza Strip and prevented the passage


For certain, your “life” convoys do bring important relief and support to Gaza people. We wish we were with you!.

Interview with British MP George Galloway from Viva Palestina convoy

Bikya Masr sat down with British Member of Parliament George Galloway as he traverses Europe, leading the third Viva Palestina convoy from the UK to Gaza in order to deliver

PLC to hold emergency session on Egypt’s steel wall in Gaza today

e Palestinian legislative council (PLC) is expected to hold Wednesday an emergency session in Gaza city to discuss the serious implications of the steel wall being built on the Palestinian-Egyptian

Sakka: World responsible for Gaza’s humanitarian disaster

Wael Al-Sakka, the board chairman of the Arab, international authority to reconstruct Gaza Strip, has said that the world community that announced the human rights doctrines was itself breaking those

Two Palestinians wounded in Egyptian explosion of one of the tunnels

Two Palestinian citizens were wounded on Saturday night when the Egyptian security forces blasted a tunnel that they were working in, medical sources reported.

US Cutting Gaza Lifeline

No doubt at the instigation of the Israeli government, the Obama administration has authorized the United States Army Corps of Engineers to design a vertical underground wall under the border