Gaza Siege


Palestinians in Europe conference to partake in massive march from Cairo to Gaza

The conference of Palestinians in Europe said it will actively participate in the massive Gaza freedom march which will set off from Egypt towards the besieged Gaza Strip in a

American students to visit Gaza

A team of American students is to arrive in the Gaza Strip on Friday in a solidarity visit, the expertise society for consultants and development said on Tuesday.

Khudari: Qatari, Turkish institutions approve financing project for the disabled

MP Dr. Jamal Al-Khudari, the head of the Popular Committee Against the Siege , has announced that three Turkish and Qatari institutions had given their preliminary approval to finance a

Meoni: Geneva government to finance Palestinian heritage museum

Patrice Meoni, the minister of culture in the Geneva government, said that his government was ready to finance the establishment of a Palestinian heritage museum in the Gaza Strip.

ADU: Egypt would allow entry of Adahi meat into Gaza Strip during Eid

The emergency and relief committee of the Arab Doctors’ Union (ADU) has revealed that the Egyptian authorities would allow the entry of 200 tons of canned meat donated by charitable

Abbas admits failure of the peace process

Mahmoud Abbas, the beleaguered head of the Palestinian Authority, has finally but belatedly admitted that the so-called Peace process with Israel has completely failed and that the Palestinian people will

Winter rains to drench Gaza

The Gaza sewerage treatment station and the rainwater drainage system in the Gaza Strip could not deal with heavy rains, which means that certain suburbs could be flooded, the director

838 Students Still Trying to Leave Gaza for Study Abroad

Once again, following the start of the academic year at many institutions of higher education around the world, some 838 Palestinian students are still waiting to leave Gaza to study

Miles of Smiles convoy moves by sea route to El-Arish

The government committee against the siege declared that the European medical aid convoy "Miles of Smiles" sent to the Gaza Strip has finally moved from the Egyptian Port Said harbor

Gaza: The Forgotten Story

Why are people on Gaza so unhappy? Well, if you had to live in a prison, wouldn't you be unhappy?— Former CIA officer Robert Baer