Gaza Siege


Tell that to the USS Liberty’s survivors, Mr Lieberman

Recalling the cold-blooded Israeli attack on the US warship the Liberty, Alan Hart considers what nuclear-armed Israel might do if its Moldovan bouncer-cum-foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, got the job he

Asian convoy to break Gaza siege to land in Syria Monday

A Gaza-bound humanitarian aid convoy dubbed Asia Convoy 1 has landed in Turkey and is scheduled to make its next stop in Syria on Monday before heading out to Egypt's

Nakhala: New Gaza-bound aid convoy from Asia will expose Israel

-- Chief Islamic Jihad Movement official Ziad Nakhala warmly welcomed a new convoy from Asia set to deliever humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and called on the Palestinians to

IOF raid kills five Palestinians in central Gaza

Five Palestinian resistance fighters were killed in an Israeli air raid on their position in Deir Al-Balah in central Gaza Strip at a late hour on Saturday night.

Jews, Judaism and Jewishness

Gilad Atzmon explains why it is essential for the pro-Palestinian movement “freely to explore the true nature of the ideology that drives the Jewish state and Jewish politics”, and to

Egypt and the Race for Arms and Stability

Wikileaks has revealed that Egypt is being hauled into the US’s problems and threats in the Middle East as calls come from Dr. Colin Kahl (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Shameful traits of the USA and Israel

Paul J. Balles views two shameful traits shared by the US and Israel and represented in the views of Joseph A. Klein: abhorring criticism and diverting attention from their own

Gaza Health Ministry: 137 of required medicines out of stock

The ministry of health in Gaza warned Monday that 137 types of medicine and 150 of essential medical supplies are out of stock in Gaza, among those supplies are drugs

Two Palestinians wounded in IOF artillery shelling

Two Palestinian citizens were wounded west of Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza Strip, on Monday afternoon after Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired tank shells at the area, medical sources said.

Ging: Gaza inhabitants experiencing bad living conditions

John Ging, the director of UNRWA operations in the Gaza Strip, has said that the inhabitants of Gaza were still living in bad conditions as a result of the ongoing