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Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Unjust Death Sentences Against 75 Political Prisoners of Its Members

A new massacre is being prepared by the fascist military coup through its politicized judiciary, which today, September 8, issued an initial and unjust death sentences against 75 of the

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Zionist

In the midst of repeated threats by the Zionist aggression army to launch a new war on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Knesset (the Zionist parliament), on Thursday, issued the

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Forced Displacement of Sinai Residents

Egypt's Freedom and Justice Party statement condemns the military junta's ongoing forced displacement operations against the people of Sinai, and calls all Egyptians to close ranks and stop the Egyptian

Egyptian Women Condemn Deportation of Activists From Cairo Airport Friday

Dozens of female activists heading for besieged Gaza Strip are stopped and then deported by repressive coup authorities.

Shura Presser Tuesday Announces Resolutions and Recommendations on Syria, Palestine

Egypt Upper House holds special Syria, Palestine session Tuesday, followed by a press conference to declare resulting decisions and suggestions.

Hamas Condemns U.S. Suggestion for Erdogan Gaza Visit Cancellation

On Sunday, Hamas criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry for urging the Turkish prime minister to delay a visit to the Palestinian territory Gaza, under illegal siege by Israel

Meshaal: Hamas Respects Egypt Security and Interests; Appreciates Egypt Military Sacrifices

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie meets with Palestinian leader Meshaal to discuss vital issues for Hamas, Egypt and the entire region.

Human Rights Conference: World Turns Blind Eye to Palestinian Prisoners Tragedy

Rights Group SAWASYA member Al-Hilw condemns deplorable conditions Palestinians suffer in Israeli jails and urges the world community to pressure Israel to release all those prisoners.

Hamas: Truce Deal is Victory for Palestinian Resistance, Thanks to Egypt Historic Role

Egypt-brokered peace deal between Hamas-ruled Gaza and Israel is hailed as a triumph for the Islamic Resistance Movement and the heavily blockaded tiny Gaza Strip.

Katatni After Gaza Visit: Egyptians Are United in Their Support of Palestinians Against Zionist War

Witnessing firsthand a lot more than he ever heard of Israeli atrocities against innocent children, women and civilians of Gaza, FJP chief Katatni speaks out from Shifa Hospital, promising Egyptian