Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Gaza Massacre

As the world watched in horror the massacre committed by the Zionist enemy in Gaza against peaceful protestors who reject the occupation, the US president announced, at a grand Zionist

Gamal Heshmat: Egypt 2018 Elections a Farce; Opposition Must Unite to Expose Sham Democracy

Gamal Heshmat, Muslim Brotherhood senior leader, said: "Any unilateral participation in the upcoming presidential election in Egypt is a shameful recognition of the military coup, lending it legitimacy the junta

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Palestine Nakba Day with Renewed Liberation Vows

On this day, sixty-eight years ago (May 15, 1948), the United Nations issued its fateful resolution No. 181 for the partition of Palestine, granting what it never owned to Zionist

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptians Paying for Sisi’s Selling Out of Egypt Historical Nile Water Share

 To the patriotic people of Egypt and the great revolutionaries… Almost thirty whole months have passed and you are still standing steadfast, in your prisons and in liberty squares across

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Marking 43rd October War Anniversary

This year, the forty-second anniversary of the October (1973) War witnesses the setback experienced by Egypt today, the betrayals and crimes committed by supposedly Egyptian army generals. Whereas Egypt’s army

Anti-Coup Alliance: Sisi Gang Disgraces October War Victory

Nation-wide pro-democracy coalition calls on all patriotic Egyptians, including honorable army officers and soldiers, to stand with the men and women of the January 25 (2011) Revolution.

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Egyptian People, Muslim World on Eid Al-Adha

The Muslim Brotherhood offers warm congratulations and sincere prayers to the Arab and Muslim nations on this (Arafa) holy day and Eid al-Adha (special Muslim feast), hoping that next year

Egypt Anti-Coup Alliance Message to Arab Summit: Legitimacy Will Prevail, Coups Will Be Defeated

The pro-democracy coalition in Egypt assures popular will shall ultimately triumph over illegitimate coups d'état.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Junta Decision Designating Hamas ‘Terrorist Organization’

The Muslim Brotherhood deems null and void the decision by the Egyptian urgent matters court designating the Islamic Resistance Movement in Gaza (Hamas) a terrorist organization. We reject and condemn

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Denounces Sinai Massacre

Egypt's anti-coup broadbased coalition issues a statement condemning the latest episode of the junta's campaign of terror in the Sinai.