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Can O’Keefe lick the Palestinian campaign into shape?

Stuart Littlewood argues that the Palestinian cause is in desperate need of a marketing and public relations makeover, and of competent advocates to promote the Palestinian struggle in the West.

Galloway: Lifeline 5 achieved its goals

Former British MP George Galloway, the founder and head of the Viva Palestina organization, said on Tuesday that the Lifeline 5 aid convoy to the Gaza Strip had achieved great

Egyptian Delegation: Life of the people of Gaza intolerable

Members of a visiting Egyptian solidarity delegation said in Gaza on Saturday that the situation in the besieged Gaza Strip is "very difficult", stating, "It's an unbearable life, and we

Watch out: democratic Muslims about

The Islamic Forum Europe has been criticised for 'taking over' a London council. But the case against it doesn't stand up.

Lifeline Convoy Faces Violent Clashes on Way to Gaza

The “Lifeline” convoy organized by “Viva Palestina” and headed by the prominent British MP George Galloway began moving from the Port of El Arish to the Rafah crossing on its

Galloway: More convoys expected from Venezuela, South Africa, Malaysia

British MP George Galloway has vowed that more aid convoys would be organized for Gaza from Venezuela, South Africa and Malaysia.

Egyptian police forces assault activists and participants of the Viva Palestina convoy.

At least 20 people were injured late Tuesday January 5, in clashes between Egyptian police and pro-Palestinian activists trying to get a relief convoy into the Gaza Strip.

In the Name of Human Decency

Relax, Holy Father, Viva Palestina and George Galloway are on the case.


For certain, your “life” convoys do bring important relief and support to Gaza people. We wish we were with you!.

Interview with British MP George Galloway from Viva Palestina convoy

Bikya Masr sat down with British Member of Parliament George Galloway as he traverses Europe, leading the third Viva Palestina convoy from the UK to Gaza in order to deliver