Tens of MB Members Detained in New Wave of Arrests Across Egypt

Many Egyptian governorates witnessed a fresh crackdown carried out by presiden’t Mubarak’s autocratic regime against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the biggest opposition group in Parliament.

Crackdown of Arrests Continues in Dakahliya, Gharbiya

The state security has arrested Eng. Mohamed Farag, a former candidate in the People’s Assembly in Dakahliya today at dawn, in another episode of the ongoing crackdown of arrests that

Gharbiya Feast Prayer Detainees Released

Kafr Al-Zayat district court in Gharbiya, in north of Cairo, issued its ruling, on Thursday, of releasing the three Muslim Brotherhood detainees because of the malicious notification to the Awqaf

Jail of 30 MB Leaders renewed more 15 days

After the attorney general issued his oral decision and informed the lawyers of releasing all Gharbiya and Sharqiya’s Muslim Brotherhood detainees earlier yesterday, and with fierce pressures from the state

MB Leaders Denounce Tuesday Detentions in Egyptian Governorates

Dr. Mohamed Al Sayed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, denounced the detentions that took place on Tuesday dawn and included many Muslim Brotherhood cadres and leaders

Gharbiya, 9 Sharqiya MB Detainees Released

The public prosecution released, on Wednesday afternoon, all Muslim Brotherhood members detained in Tanta, the city capital of Gharbiya.