Junta Interior Ministry Continues to Hold Four Muslim Brotherhood Leaders At Secret Locations

After their forced disappearance a week ago, four Muslim Brotherhood leaders are still missing, held hostage by military junta authorities.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Ghozlan: Sisi’s Remarks Confirm End is Nigh for Bloody Military Coup

Brotherhood spokesman Ghozlan assures the putschist government will collapse shortly.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Prime Minister and Palestinian Authority Rumors

Egypt Brotherhood statement refutes false claims that portray the group as having control over senior government officials, administering Egypt’s affairs.

Ghozlan to The Guardian: We are Not Against Creativity; Culture Minister Faces Mubarak Elite

Having suffered oppression at the hands of successive regimes for decades, the Muslim Brotherhood vows to never suppress artistic or creative talents.

Muslim Brotherhood Delegation to Visit Media Institutions, Highlight Official Discourse

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood tasks a team of its media professionals to visit various print and broadcast media establishments to boost relations and shed light on facts related to the group’s

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fascist Bangladeshi Government; Says: People Will Triumph

With hundreds of peaceful protesters reported killed by Bangladesh police in Sunday’s unprovoked massacre, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood urges Arab and Muslim action against Dhaka government.

Ghozlan: US Turns Blind Eye to Israel’s Crimes to Delay Democratization, Rights

Muslim Brotherhood condemns US position on Israeli attacks inside Syrian territories that destroyed a scientific research center and military headquarters in Mount Qasion and Barzeh.

Muslim Brotherhood Letter to Al-Shorouk Newspaper

Muslim Brotherhood leader Ghozlan warns private paper after another wave of malicious anti-Brotherhood slander and blatant attempts at sowing sedition among factions of Egyptian society.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mehrez: Rule of Law is No Revenge, But Facing Up to Violence and

With numerous anti-Brotherhood crimes so far uninvestigated, some haters find it strange that now the Egyptian prosecution service is taking action to investigate offenders involved in Moqattam attacks.

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Respond Forcefully to Mokattam Violent Events with Legal Action

Despite deliberate violence, sabotage and savagery by old regime provocateurs and opposition thugs, Brotherhood leaders commit to patient and peaceful, yet forceful, legal action.