Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood deplores horrific church attack

The Muslim Brotherhood offers its deepest condolences to the families of those killed and injured in this senseless act of violence outside the Coptic Church in the region of Al-Warrak,

Anti-Coup National Alliance Demands Military Coup Commanders, Collaborators Stop Bloodshed

Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements opposed to the traitorous coup condemns cold-blooded shoot-to-kill policy of coup forces against unarmed Egyptians in peaceful protest marches.

Egypt Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Huge Tahrir March Sunday, October 6

Cairo - October 02, 2013: Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements opposed to the heinous coup calls all Egyptians to participate in a massive peaceful protest march to Tahrir

Anti-Coup Alliance Hails ‘The People Reclaim The Revolution’ Friday Demonstrations

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition of parties, groups and movements defending democracy praises ‘The People Reclaim The Revolution’ Friday non-violent mass protest activities across the nation.

Reuters Copies Coup Media Henchmen in Martyrs’ Friday Coverage

Somehow, renowned Reuters fails to see millions of anti-coup protesters out in hundreds of mass marches across Egypt, and apparently naively echoes the generals’ media reports.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Putschist Schemes of Vandalism and Sectarian Strife

As the July 3 coup commanders and collaborators announce ‘fears of violent plots by Islamists’, the truth is that the putschists themselves are plotting waves of violent attacks aimed at

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on ‘Friday of Anger’ Murderous Crimes by Coup Commanders

Egypt’s coalition of pro-legitimacy, pro-democracy groups and movements, including the Muslim Brotherhood, urges world leaders and human rights organizations to condemn and stop murderous military madness in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Heinous Massacre of Women in Mansoura

A statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns the latest bloody massacre where hundreds of women were killed and injured by security forces, some of whom dressed as thugs.

List of Starting Points of Friday’s Anti-Coup Demonstrations in Cairo and Giza

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful Statement No. 26 for National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy and Refusing the Coup

Dozens of Pro-Morsi Protesters Killed by Military Coup Live Bullets

With thousands already killed and injured by military coup authorities and security apparatus, the greatest majority of whom are pro-Morsi peaceful protesters, the illegitimate regime has no claim to restraint