Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt Anti-Coup Icons Reject Government Rabaa Massacre False Report

Brotherhood and national icons opposed to the illegitimate coup in Egypt slam government report on Rabaa massacre as merely an Interior Ministry testimony to exonerate murderers responsible for the bloodbath.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Criminal Coup Government Resignation

Lurking not too far behind the scene, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces pulls the strings once again, clearing the set for a new episode of power-grabbing, deception, repression

Egypt Students Union Vice-President Slams Return of State Police on Campus

Students union rejects positioning of coup security police within university campuses as a further setback in the fight for freedom.

Egypt Pro-Democracy National Alliance: Government Resignation Does Not Absolve Collaborators of Guilt

Those who watched over repression and impoverishment of Egyptians will be held to task, notwithstanding show-resignation.

Judge Hisham Geneina: Least Government Corruption Ever Under President Morsi

According to ex-lawmaker Geneina, the legitimate President Morsi's brief term in office enjoyed the greatest degree of integrity and uprightness.

Beltagy: Freeing Sinai Hostages Beats Bad Bets by Opposition Against Egypt Government

After losing their bets on bloody strife between government institutions, opposition forces should respond positively to the President's call for national dialogue.

Katatni: FJP Follows Closely Sinai Security Efforts to Free Kidnapped Soldiers

Expressing full confidence in government efforts to secure the release of soldiers abducted in Sinai, the FJP calls for firm deterrent action to prevent similar incidents.

FJP Lawmaker: Income Tax Law Achieves Social Justice; Removes Low-Income Suffering

According to Upper House MPs, Egypt’s low-income people stand to benefit the most from new income-tax laws approved by parliament.

Brotherhood’s Aref: ‘Together, We Build Egypt’ Achieves 77% of Targeted Community Programs

Having served Egyptian society for long decades with unique campaign, despite fierce resistance by ruling regimes, the Muslim Brotherhood announces details of successes and achievements of its latest societal support

Muslim Brotherhood: Government Deserves Full Support, Advice Until House Forms New One

Asserting that new Cabinet will be assessed and judged by the Egyptian people, Brotherhood spokesman Arif urges all stakeholders to assist rather than oppose the new government, after Tuesday’s ministerial