Katatni: We Understand Transition Precarious Conditions; Support New Government

No-one expected a velvet transition from repressive dictatorship to free and fair democracy in Egypt, but FJP chief Katatni urges all parties, groups and movements to help smooth the transitional

Egypt Government Affirms Respect for Covenants on Labor Relations and Freedoms

Marking the International Workers’ Day, Egypt’s minister of Manpower and Emigration vows to improve labor laws, especially those relating to labor rights and freedoms.

Katatni: We Hope Dialogue Creates Broad Consensus Before Parliamentary Elections

Egypt Freedom and Justice Party shows willingness for maximum flexibility in dialogue as the only choice for creating broad-based consensus before the upcoming House of Representatives elections.

Yasser Mehrez: Elections Are Legitimate Mechanism of Change

Stressing that elections are the democratic gateway to achieving change, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Mehrez affirms that National Salvation Front demands and conditions are totally absurd.

Husseini: No Truth in ‘Brotherhoodization’ Claims; Egypt Needs All Muslims, Christians

Refuting baseless claims of a Muslim Brotherhood power grab, Husseini reaffirms that the group that gave Egypt its first elected President (Mohamed Morsi) has not taken but a comparatively negligible

Darrag: Freedom and Justice Party Did Not Speak of a Quota in New Government

Freedom and Justice Party commends Egypt’s newly-appointed Prime Minister Hesham Kandil as an efficient, competent and highly regarded national figure who can form a powerful technocrat government able to steer

Katatni: Egyptian People Will Not Accept Presidential Elections Delay or Postponement

The whole nation is ready and willing to rise again in revolt against intransigence, repression and persecution, if presidential elections are postponed, delayed or suspended.

Press Statement by People’s Assembly Speaker about Dr. Ganzouri’s Recent Remarks

Egyptian Parliament Speaker, Dr. Katatni, responds to latest statements by Prime Minister Dr. Ganzouri in which he denies threatening Katatni with parliament dissolution.

Muslim Brotherhood say 154 members arrested in pre-election sweep

The Muslim Brotherhood said Sunday that 154 of its members had been detained in sweeps around Egypt, but security sources told the German Press Agency dpa the figure was much

HAMAS: Friend or Foe in the Fight Against Terrorism

Due to the significance that Palestine has assumed in the Islamic discourse for more than half a century, AQ has used Palestine to be at the heart of its propaganda