Ground Zero


Paranoid Politics: The Denial of Islamophobia

Imagine a fairly widespread, fairly mainstream ethos in which politicians, pundits, and academics convened to denigrate practitioners of Christianity or Judaism. Imagine that these commentators picked apart the New or

Wahabi Imam to burn the Bible in Cairo!

The question is why didn’t the western and most influential mediacomment on this racist and discriminatory incident? The diehard bigots and hypocrite racists who want to burn Quran and smear

Proposed US Mosque faces discriminating opposition

Muslim groups in the US have met with unpredictably intense opposition to their plan for opening mosques in the lower Manhattan, district in Brooklyn and lately in an empty convent

Right Wing Radio Host Hopes NY Mosque is Blown Up

I just discussed the profound double standards in the mainstream media here. Here’s another one: right wing radio host Michael Berry says that he hopes someone blows up a mosque

On the Not Mosque at Not Ground Zero

The anti-Muslim movement is a curious blend of old-fashioned racism, naive nativism, fear, and the brute, thuggish rage that infects a diseased minority in every generation and finds its scapegoat

Opposition to a New Mosque, Without the Ground Zero Excuse This Time

The uproar over a proposed mosque near ground zero is predicated around the idea that this specific site was inappropriate for a mosque because of its proximity to the place

Housing Meltdown, Ground Zero

For those who have clung to their homes in hard-hit areas, the value of those investments has plummeted, while the ability to sell and so move elsewhere -- to take