Guidance Bureau


20 Muslim Brotherhood Members Referred to Military Court

Junta authorities in Egypt refer 20 opponents of the coup to a military court, including two members of the Muslim Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau Dr Mohamed Wahdan and Dr Mohamed Elewa,

Muslim Brotherhood Hails Steadfast Revolutionaries; Vows: No Retreat Till Ultimate Triumph

The Muslim Brotherhood appreciates the masses of patriotic people who turned out in streets across Egypt to protest against the criminal military coup authorities, the defiant people who work continuously

Aref: Coup Will Fail; Dubbing Peaceful Protests Terrorism Reprehensible

Lynching Egypt back to pre-2011 revolution, putschists insist coup is neo-democracy and demonstrations are acts of terrorism.

Muslim Brotherhood: June 22 Regular Meeting, Not Connected with Political Events

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council is to hold a regular meeting on Saturday, June 22, where it discusses several important issues and events.

Brotherhood: Guidance Bureau Has Not, Will Not Discuss Judicial Authority Law

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood refutes ‘reports’ by hostile media that claim the group’s top authority discusses the amended law to regulate the country’s judiciary.

Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau Discusses Legal Follow-Up to Moqattam Incidents

Regular Guidance Bureau meeting Wednesday discusses various important issues including the aftermath of the Moqattam massacre and activation of the newly registered Muslim Brotherhood Society.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mehrez: Rule of Law is No Revenge, But Facing Up to Violence and

With numerous anti-Brotherhood crimes so far uninvestigated, some haters find it strange that now the Egyptian prosecution service is taking action to investigate offenders involved in Moqattam attacks.

Brotherhood Lawyer Lodges Legal Complaint Against 169 Persons for Moqattam Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood top lawyer Abdel-Maksoud submits 54 video clips and 155 photographs by way of evidence against dozens of political and other figures who called Friday protests.

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Respond Forcefully to Mokattam Violent Events with Legal Action

Despite deliberate violence, sabotage and savagery by old regime provocateurs and opposition thugs, Brotherhood leaders commit to patient and peaceful, yet forceful, legal action.

Day of Arson, Shooting and Terror

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood had no time to celebrate its 85th anniversary or mother’s day as it fended off waves of determined thugs armed with pistols, bladed weapons, sticks and Molotov