Conservatives believed to dominate Brotherhood leadership

Mr Badie is a 66-year-old veterinary pathology professor. His election by the Brotherhood's Executive bureau is widely thought to mark a return to conservatism and a possible pullback from politics

Is the Brotherhood pushing the self-destruct button?

Not long ago the Muslim Brotherhood was the most dynamic opposition force in Egypt. Now, excluded from any meaningful political participation and riven by internal conflict, it is practically indistinguishable

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood split

Brotherhood members take part in a demonstration in Cairo last year. Its growing influence worries the government A senior leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has acknowledged that government repression has

An Interview with Dr. M. S. Habeeb, the First Deputy Chairman of MB

The Zionist aggression on Lebanon was planned even before the military action of Hezbollah in the south; Hezbollah killed some Zionists and kidnapped two soldiers. This military action was just

MB Condemns Police Assaults on Its Parliament Members

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc issued a statement today condemning assaults by police on its parliament members during demonstrations yesterday in Cairo. Dr. Mohamed Al Katatni, head of the

Detentions Aim to Stop Muslim Brotherhood’s Call for Reform

Dr. Mohamed Habib, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), in special statements to Ikhwanweb, said, “the latest detention campaign in which 8 leaders and prominent members of the MB

Brotherhood Condemns Raid on Jericho Jail

The Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader Muhammad Habeeb condemned the Zionist "Israeli" raid on Jericho Jail in an attempt to detain Ahmed Saadat, the Sectary General of the Popular Front for