Habib Al-Adli


Muslim Brotherhood and FJP: Mubarak Trial Judge Recusal Decision Wise, Serves Justice

Trial of ousted Mubarak and top officials for complicity in killing peaceful demonstrators postponed as presiding judge steps down, referring case to Cairo Appeals Court.

Muslim Brotherhood to Participate in Tuesday’s Protests

The Brotherhood confirms participation in tomorrow’s protests across the provinces of Egypt, denouncing the lenient verdicts against Mubarak and his most senior aides.

FJP Lawyer: Mubarak Trial Verdicts Legally Absurd

Sentencing ousted president Mubarak and his interior minister Adli to life in prison, Egyptian judge acquits his sons and six of his police commanders of killing over 850 peaceful protesters

El-Shater: Developing the MB Would Be in Its Programs Not Its Basic Constants

Engineer Khayrat El-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, affirmed that the "development" called for in the Brotherhood is a must and a task that should be fulfilled due to

Fact-Finding Panel: Mubarak Ultimately Responsible for Killing Protesters

Egypt's ousted leader Hosni Mubarak was complicit in shootings of anti-regime protesters as he tried to face down a popular revolt, a member of an official commission said on Tuesday.

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on officials

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on Ministers, Governors, MB leaders, the Attorney General and Political Opponents.

Morsy: Mubarak’s Trial a Popular and Urgent Demand

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, a member of the MB Executive Bureau and the group's media spokesman, has emphasized that Egypt's revolution has already achieved a fraction of the demands while transition

MB deputy Chairman El-Shater suffers heart attack following argument

Political prisoners languish under further restrictions while Mubarak regime prisoners are given preferential treatment.

Security Expert: Fire on Anti-government Protesters Issued by a Presidential Decree

Major General Mansour Eisawy, security expert and former aid to the interior minister, has stressed that a decision to fire on demonstrators was not issued by Habib al-Adli,

50 International Organizations Call on Washington to Halt Aid to Cairo

Fifty international organizations called on US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to stop sending aid to Egypt.