Habib Al-Adly


Innocent MB deputy Al-Shater and colleagues released following years of detention

The Al Jazeera television channel issued a news release announcing that the Muslim Brotherhood’s detained deputy chairman Eng Khairat Al-Shater and Executive member businessman Hassan Malek were issued release orders

Al-Shater’s family assembles outside force’s supreme council demanding immediate release

A sit in is scheduled to take place in front of the Armed Forces supreme council demanding the immediate release of MB deputy Chairman Eng. Khairat Al-Shater.

State Security’s History of Repression and Torture

Decades of oppression and torture practiced by Security Forces from the successive regimes that ruled over Egypt for more than a hundred years, have competently failed to defend national security

US Ambassador Scobey accused of Deliberate Killing of Egyptians

Gamal Tag El-Din, Secretary General of the Freedoms Committee at the Journalists Syndicate, submitted a complaint on Thursday accusing Margret Scobey, US Ambassador in Egypt, of facilitating the seizure of

Press conference for release of prisoners of conscience El-Shater and colleagues

In light of the current events following the People’s Revolution and the ousting of the dictatorial regime and its leader Mubarak, a statement was issued by the Muslim Brotherhood deputy

Scandals emerge as former ministers given 15 day detention

Investigations into four former state officials on Friday have begun where former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly, former Minister of Tourism Zoheir Garanah, former Minister of Housing Ahmad al-Maghreby, and

Cairo court orders confiscation of former Interior Minister Adly’s assets

The North Cairo court has ordered Thursday the confiscation of the Former Minister Habib Al-Adly’s fortune and has temporarily suspended his family’s assets including real estate and investments.

Travel Ban and Frozen Assets for Three Former Corrupt Ministers

Corrupt leaders from the ousted Mubarak regime are banned from travelling as Egypt’s army chiefs shut down escape routes.

Opposition Groups Issue Statement Calling for Interior Minister’s Resignation

A statement was issued by political opposition and national group’s calling for the resignation of Habib al-Adly, the Interior Minister.

Open letter: CPJ to Egypt’s Interior Minister Habib al-Adly

The Committee to Protect Journalists is writing to protest the continued detention of Mosad Soleiman, known online as Mosad Abu Fagr, a blogger, novelist, and activist who writes about social