The Muslim Brotherhood and political involvement

Working in politics and being preoccupied with public concerns is an important responsibility, especially in the face of oppression and corruption.

Conservatives believed to dominate Brotherhood leadership

Mr Badie is a 66-year-old veterinary pathology professor. His election by the Brotherhood's Executive bureau is widely thought to mark a return to conservatism and a possible pullback from politics

When the alternative is not so different after all

After a difficult and protracted interlude the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) elected a new supreme guide, Mohamed Badei.

Nuggets from New Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Al-Jazeera Interview

As some of you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, the largest and most influential Islamist group in the Middle East, recently elected a new leader.

A Radical Turn for the Muslim Brotherhood?

On January 16, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – the largest and most influential Islamist movement in the Middle East – announced the election of a new General Guide, the

MB’s coming task

"The Brotherhood believes in gradual reform which can be achieved only through peaceful and constitutional struggle based on persuasion and dialogue."

Arab World: Meet the new head of the Muslim Brotherhood

Last Saturday in Cairo, the Muslim Brotherhood announced that it had elected Muhammad Badee as its new supreme leader, a succession which comes at a critical time. A few months

Is the Brotherhood pushing the self-destruct button?

Not long ago the Muslim Brotherhood was the most dynamic opposition force in Egypt. Now, excluded from any meaningful political participation and riven by internal conflict, it is practically indistinguishable

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood and Women

A recent spat of press reports detailing Egypt’s powerful opposition Muslim Brotherhood group’s row over the role of women has left the Islamic group under pressure from the country’s liberal

Hawkish coup

Conservative members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood swept the board in the outlawed group's internal elections on Monday in what many viewed as an internal Brotherhood coup.