Conservative gains in Muslim Brotherhood elections

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has just announced the results of its internal elections to the 16 member Guide's Office (which acts a sort of executive branch for the movement).

The End of Brotherly Love?

The Egyptian context will impose on all political factions to take a stand in the next presidential elections and thus push the Muslim Brotherhood to clearly determine its views of

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns barbaric bombings in Somalia.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanonweb, Dr Mohamed Habib deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood condemns the latest criminal and barbaric bombings targeting innocent Somali citizens. The bombings have also been

In Focus: The Brotherhood Crisis

CAIRO: Since its inception in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has never experienced a crisis like the one it was subjected to last week. The announced reason for the current

Spoilt ballots

Moderate Islamist movements across the Arab world have made a decisive turn towards participation in democratic politics over the last 20 years. They have developed an elaborate ideological justification for

Muslim Brotherhood’s testing time

The two elections will test the ability of the Muslim Brotherhood to hold its share in parliament and to lead the country's political groups in opposition to the likely presidential

Despite struggles, Brotherhood searching for new leader

Most analysts are hopeful that Akef’s successor will continue the strong hostility toward Al Qaeda style jihad activities and a commitment to the political process, which the Brotherhood has already

The Muslim Brotherhood and latest incidents:(Clarification from Executive Bureau)

The Chairman Mohamed Mahdy Akef has not at any time handed in his resignation or intends on doing so at any time. He is currently cooperating with members of the

The Future of the Muslim Brotherhood

In an exclusive interview with The Majalla, Mahdi Akef, General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood admits that he is under great pressure inside the Brotherhood to go back on his

Habib: IOF and the U.S. administration behind recent wave of arrests

Dr. Habib has attributed these media campaigns promoted by the Israel occupation forces and arrests of the Brotherhood leaders, including Dr. Aboul-Fotouh and his brothers, in order to prevent relief