Gamal Heshmat: Egypt 2018 Elections a Farce; Opposition Must Unite to Expose Sham Democracy

Gamal Heshmat, Muslim Brotherhood senior leader, said: "Any unilateral participation in the upcoming presidential election in Egypt is a shameful recognition of the military coup, lending it legitimacy the junta

Hamas Urges Escalation of Jerusalem Intifada in Response to Israeli Violations

Hamas regards the Zionist occupation government’s closure of Al-Aqsa Mosque and compound (Islam’s third holiest site) and the ban on the call to prayers as well as the performance of

Trumped Up Cases Brought Against Egypt’s Legitimate President Mohamed Morsi

Brief details of 7 fabricated lawsuits the military junta regime in Egypt has brought against Mohamed Morsi, the first civilian to be democratically elected President.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council’s Maha Azzam: Sisi Incompetent Military Despot

ERC's Maha Azzam accuses Sisi of tearing the very fabric of Egyptian society; advises world powers to wash their hands of Sisi's atrocities.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Junta Decision Designating Hamas ‘Terrorist Organization’

The Muslim Brotherhood deems null and void the decision by the Egyptian urgent matters court designating the Islamic Resistance Movement in Gaza (Hamas) a terrorist organization. We reject and condemn

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Beltagy Slams Shameful Truce Initiative by Egypt

Beltagy says Egypt's peace initiative for Gaza does not reflect popular will, nor does it do Palestinian resistance justice.

Amr Darrag Holds Egypt FM Responsible for Ongoing Aggression on Gaza

As Zionist aggression kills hundreds of Gaza civilians, including dozens of babies and children, and injures thousands more, the heinous putschists in Egypt blame Hamas for Zionist atrocities.

Khaled Meshaal: Zionist Regime Started War, Palestinians Have Right to Self-Defense

Palestinian leader Meshaal rejects calls for Gaza unilateral ceasefire, stipulating Zionists halt raids and aggressive West Bank policies.

Hamas: Egyptian Court Ban on Movement Activity Political Decision

Junta judiciary seize Hamas HQs and assets in Egypt, and ban all the movement's activity, as a clearly politicized court decision declares Hamas a 'Terrorist Group'.

PRESS RELEASE: the Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fabricated Charges against President Morsi

The illegal Military Regime in Egypt which deposed the democratically elected President Morsi in July 2013 has become more brazen in its attempts to silence the legal opposition permanently.