Hamdeen Sabbahi


Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Electoral Legitimacy Martyrs

Yet more innocent, honorable Brothers fall in horrific and totally unjustified attacks by old regime figures who hire the most hardened criminals to kill and maim in a desperate attempt

FJP: Popular Current, Former Regime Mob Behind Violence Against Pro-Democracy Conference

A pro-democracy conference organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP in Kafr El-Sheikh Wednesday is promptly halted as thugs storm the hall and attack guests.

Egypt Opinion Leaders: Overthrow Attempts Against Democracy Aim to Delay Democratization

Leaders of opinion in Egypt denounce coup against legitimate, democratically elected institutions by the elite representing minority opposition who want to impose their will over the majority.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Martyrs, Patriotic Youth Defending Democratic Transformation

Instigators of violence are no patriotic revolutionaries, just paid thugs and criminals, heavily armed with guns and rifles, bladed weapons and Molotov cocktails, out to wreak havoc and paint a

Katatni Heads Delegation of Political Parties and Movements in Gaza Support Visit

A delegation of Egyptian politicians visits Gaza Monday headed by FJP Chairman Katatni to show support and solidarity with besieged Palestinian people being savagely attacked by Israeli forces from the

Morsi Statement Regarding His Meeting with Sabbahi and Aboul Fotouh

Press statement from Ahmed Abdel-Aati – campaign coordinator for Morsi – about the tripartite meeting between Mohamed Morsi, Hamdeen Sabbahi and Abdel-Moneim Aboul Fotouh.