Hamdi Hassan


Egyptians denounce security forces’ assault on activists opposing inheritance of power

The Popular Campaign to Support the Nomination of ElBaradei and the Demands of Change, has condemned the violent means used by the state security apparatus against a protest which included

MB draws parallel with storming of office and Watergate scandal

Dr. Mohamed Saad Ketatni from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau and head of the parliamentary bloc alleged that al-Minya's local authorities raided his house and seized his computer and personal

MB MP requests ending of gas exports to Israel to accommodate Egypt ‘s demands

Egypt's current recurring of power outages is blamed on insufficient natural gas at many power plants.

MB and NAC hold press conference slamming arrests of reform petitioners

The National Assembly for Change has organized a press conference at its headquarters to condemn the arrests of 15 men from the Alexandria governorate for participating and promoting a petition

MB MP demands government’s disclosure of political prisoners’ whereabouts

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, Assistant Secretary-General for the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, submitted an inquiry demanding the disclosure of the whereabouts of several of political prisoners, who were arrested from their

Hassan: Gov’t has treaty obligation to accept int’l monitoring of HR violations

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, criticized the Egyptian foreign ministery's handling of Khaled's Saeed's case,, after it summoned the EU ambassadors in protest of

Opposition and workers unite in call for political change

In an unprecedented union of political activists and workers Cairo 's streets in Egypt witnessed loud opposition

Insta-Reactions to Today’s Pro-Democracy Protest in Egypt

I was just at the pro-democracy protest in Tahrir Square, Cairo, which finished up about 30 minutes ago (although I think many of the protestors are still trapped in by

Egypt: Ministry says ‘no’ to May 3rd Peaceful March

The Interior Ministry in Egypt has rejected a request submitted by 6 parliament members to secure a peaceful march on May 3rd.

MB MP denounces Palestinian killings by banned poisonous gases

Dr. Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc condemned the killing of four Palestinians and wounding of eight inside the tunnels on the Gazan border