Hamza Mansour


MB offshoot in Jordan calls on gov’t to resign

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front has called on the government to resign demanding the dissolution of the Lower House.

Jordan: MB political arm remains committed to boycotting elections

The Jordanian government’s recent proposal to the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan has apparently failed in its bid to convince the group to participate in the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

Jordan’s MB offshoot denounces French niqab ban

France's ban on the full-face veils has been deeply condemned by the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Jordan who described the ban as an "affront" to dignity.

MB offshoot in Jordan and National Unity Party to boycott elections

Officials from Jordan 's Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front met with the National Unity Party to discuss an imminent unified boycott of the country's upcoming parliamentary elections.

Jordan: MB offshoot and political opposition express deep concern over gov’t policies

The National Coalition of Opposition parties in Jordan engaged in dialogue discussing freedom of expression, public participation in the political process and economic difficulties facing the nation as a result

Jordan: Increase in number of objections to voter list

Opposition parties in Jordan expressed concern over the increasing number of objections submitted concerning the voter lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

MB Jordanian offshoot, chooses new leader before parliamentary elections

The Islamic Action Front in Jordan announced Hamza Mansour as the party's new elected leader