Hassan Al-Banna


Eighty-Eight Years On, Muslim Brotherhood Stands Steadfast As Ever – for Freedom, Reform

Eighty-eight years have passed since the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood on March 22, 1928 at the hands of Imam Hassan Al-Banna. The group started amidst major historical and political

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Death of Founder Al-Banna’s Son Ahmed Seif Al-Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the death of a good reformer and leader, the son of its founder the martyr Imam Hassan Al-Banna.   We mourn, with all sadness, the good

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Montaser Highlights 87-Year History

The Brotherhood's Mohamed Montaser posts a series of tweets to mark the group's 87th anniversary, highlighting a number of its sacrifices and important stances.

FJP Leader Heshmat: Desperate Attempts to Overthrow Elected President Will Fail

While FJP leader Heshmat condemns illegitimate endeavors to oust Egypt’s President, elected only months ago, he reaffirms the country’s need for strong and effective opposition.

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Censorship on Creativity, Has Clear Vision on Art and Politics

Heated confrontation at Dar El-Hilal (publishing house) symposium on Culture and Art in Muslim Brotherhood Thought, as Islamist and leftist intellectuals debate the Brotherhood’s cultural vision.

Sisters aspire to equality within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

The first time Asmaa Shehata managed to free herself from conservative family rules and a mother-imposed curfew was when she slept on the street for three nights among hundreds of

Brotherhood reveals its colours

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to take part in the upcoming People's Assembly elections comes as no surprise.

Egyptian Court Orders Prosecutor not to Label the MB as a Banned Group

Egypt's Emergency State Security Court, which was considering the 'Muslim Brotherhood International Organization case yesterday, has witnessed a hot debate between the president of the court, Judge Mahmoud Sami, and

Where do the Brothers go from here?

Suppose that a person with absolutely zero knowledge of Egyptian politics just arrived into the country. Inquiring about all the colorful electoral banners, they would be told that an election

Amnesty condemns MB arbitrary detentions

London based rights group Amnesty International accused Egyptian authorities of arresting large numbers of Muslim Brotherhood members in an attempt to hinder the country’s strongest political opposition group's elections campaign