Hassan Nafaa


Egypt’s National Front Meets to Support True Partnership with Presidential Institution

Various parties, groups and movements making up the Egyptian national front meets in preparation for real endeavors to achieve the goals of the January 25 (2011) revolution as well as

Egyptian Legislative Elections, FJP Press Release No. (22)

The second day of the second phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections began with varying numbers of voters turning out, huge crowds at some polling stations, while some others

Political expert: Opposition Party differences Must be Overcome

Addressing crowds in a symposium at the General Egypt Library in Damanhour, Beheira Amr al-Shobaki, an expert in the Ahram Centre for Political and strategic studies covered numerous issues.

Participants in National Dialogue Reject a Proposal for Reconciliation with Key Figures of Mubarak’s Ousted

In the first session of the national dialogue which is headed by caretaker Prime Minister Essam Sharafto forge a new social era, Dr.Hassan Nafaa, a professor and chairman of the

MB and Ayman Nour Study the Formation of a Parallel Parliament

Dr. Ayman Nour, founder of Al-Ghad party, will be meeting tomorrow with Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Dr. Saad El-Ketatni and Dr. Essam

MB Delegation Meets with Ghad Party and NAC to Discuss Poll Irregularities and Next Phase

The Muslim Brotherhood Wednesday held meetings with political opposition factions to discuss violations witnessed during the parliamentary polls held last week. MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie met with Dr. Ayman

As Police Crack Down on Egyptian Campuses, a Recent Court Ruling May Force Reform

Hassan Nafaa is a frequent critic of the Egyptian government who coordinates several political-reform campaigns.

Academics wonder if court ban on university guards be followed through

A recent court ruling barring guards and security personnel from university grounds is being celebrated by students, academics and intellectuals despite controversy about its enforcement.

Egypt: The new opposition and the ElBaradei factor

A tentative political alliance threatens to change the electoral calculus in the 2011 elections but the group is unwilling to announce its intentions without a guarantee of fair polls.

Egypt: Eissa Firing “Without a Doubt Political”

In an opinion article in Al Masry Al Youm, Hassan Nafaa writes: “Al-Dostour’s recently dismissed chief editor, Ibrahim Eissa, was not fired due to ordinary disputes over administrative or editorial