Hassan Nafaa


Cooperative ventures?

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for greater dialogue with Egypt's major opposition parties on pressing for political reform

Reform tops MB Chairman’s meeting with NAC coordinator

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie. met with the General Coordinator of the National Association for Change (NAC), Dr. Hassan Nafaa, to discuss further measures for their call for change

MB and NAC cooperate for political reform

Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the General Coordinator of the National Assembly for change, asserted that the cooperation of the Muslim Brotherhood with the National Assembly for Change would be a great

MB and NAC agree on joined political action

The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie met with Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change (NAC) at the MB bloc's headquarters. The meeting, which was described

Khodeiri denies NAC internal rifts after MB dialogue

Chancellor Mahmoud el-Khodeiri, former Deputy Chairman of the Court of Cessation and a member of the National Association for Change (NAC)

Scholars and intellectuals debate Egypt ‘s future

Egyptian intellectuals and American academics met recently, at New York 's City University to discuss Egypt 's hazy future.